Shhh! The colour in your glass delivers a secret surprise!
Where does this tranquilizing blue come from? It is extracted from the anthocyanin in grape skins! This is a wine you can enjoy with pleasure~

Do you know what is the most mysterious colour in the universe? The answer is “Aquamarine Blue”, it’s almost like an illusion. Secret Moment crafted a colored wine for girls. A bottle of wine in the color of a clear aquamarine blue displays the mysterious and pure, beautiful and mature side of a lady.
Secret Moment is a blue colored wine crafted using the grapes with feminine characters – Verdejo and Muscat.
Verdejo is a major variety of grapes in Spain. The white wine crafted from Verdejo carries a delicate but sour hint of green apple and citrus.
Muscat is famous for its sweet fragrant of rose, lychee, and white lilies. The wine made from it is always loved by the ladies, and therefore it makes a popular sparkling white for a banquet or party.

The Spanish winery Bodegas Copaboca is located in a natural reserve for birds.
Even the grape grower respects the wildlife. While the winery engages in the wine-making work, they have to follow the environmental protection policies as well.
A part of the profit gained from wine sales will be used on the natural reserve. The logo design of the winery is a bird, to show their respect for environmental preservation.
The motto of Bodegas Copaboca winery is to seek for quality and innovation with agri-environmental practices. The planted species are Verdejo, Viura, and Sauvignon Blanc.


Volume 750ml
Alc./vol. 7%
Product type – Semi-sweet sparkling
Grape variety – VERDEJO and MOSCATO GRAPES
Wine color – Clear and bright Aquamarine Blue
Country of Origin – Spain
Winery/Brand – Bodegas Copaboca
Packing – bottle only. Please ask for a gift bag if necessary.
Drinking temperature – 5~7°C
Paring food – Appetizer and dessert
Mouthfeel – Crispy, sweet, and soft sparkling
Note – Typical fragrance of Verdejo with hints of green apple, citrus, and white lilies
Suitable for – gatherings, picnics, visiting friends, parties, or enjoying alone
Wine description – Pure, mature and sweet, tranquilizing, mysterious beauty

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